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Group Retirement and Pension

Will life after retirement go as planned? What comes next for you depends greatly on what should come first – the appropriate financial preparations.

For employers, taking care of your employees doesn’t just mean how they earn a living at work, but whether you help them plan for life after work. Apri’s group retirement and pension solutions fill this vital role.

That starts with a firm understanding of your organization and people – an approach we call CARE. Working closely with you, Apri’s specialists arrive at a solution that fulfills the needs of both the business and its employees.

For business owners, Apri:

  • Provides a tailored plan design and suggests ongoing enhancements
  • Ensures a comprehensive product offering at a competitive price
  • Helps you to understand and meet fiduciary requirements
  • Improves employee participation rates
  • Increases the perceived value of – and therefore the appreciation for – the benefit being provided
  • Supports ongoing employee communication and education

For employees, Apri:

  • Offers a better overall experience as a plan member
  • Increases the understanding of the importance of smoothing the ride to retirement and how to get there
  • Delivers top quality investing solutions to satisfy all levels of employee experience
  • Offers investment options that suit their stage and preference
  • Increases the awareness of their responsibilities for retirement planning
  • Encourages increased savings at retirement

We all want to feel secure – looked after in our jobs, and protected in our long-term finances. Employers are in a position to influence both. That’s what it comes down to – the security that employers offer their staff, and the security that those employees can offer down the road to their families. Apri’s pension solutions improve the outcomes for everyone.