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Insurance isn’t just a product – it’s a promise.

It’s a promise that you can weather an adverse event. A promise that while you can’t predict or avoid such events, you can lessen their financial impact. A promise that the people you care most about will, in fact, be cared for.

For your family and your business that’s an important promise. Apri helps you to keep it.

The promise starts with an approach – CARE, which examines your insurance needs, and recommends the solutions that give you peace of mind. We dig deep, and explore the most suitable options in the areas of:

  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance – lump sum payment in the event of any number of illnesses
  • Disability insurance – personal (income replacement) and business (protection in case of the loss of a partner or key employee)

There are many options in the marketplace, and our specialists will walk you through the implications and advantages of different types of coverage.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. When the time comes to make a claim, Apri stands by our clients to ensure that they receive the underlying promise of their plan. With our in-depth relationships throughout the insurance industry, we can fight for our clients – and deliver results.