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It all begins with CARE

For Business

In your own company think of the products or services you provide and how a deep understanding of your customers’ needs shapes your offerings. It’s the same at Apri.

Throughout CARE, we talk with you to understand your business, your unique human resource needs as well as your financial goals.

We also understand that for entrepreneurs, their financial goals, life insurance needs and health benefit requirements are often so closely intertwined with their business. We ensure that we first ask all of the right questions in order to build a clear picture.

CARE is a comprehensive process of discovery and delivery:

  • We meet with you to learn who you are, to thoroughly understand you and your personal and company objectives.
  • We’ll interview all of the key stakeholders in your business, not just the HR Manager, CFO or whomever is in charge of these decisions.
  • We’re there if you’d like an objective review of your executive team’s personal and professional programs to ensure they’re aligned and optimized – making sure they’re not overpaying or under-covered for their particular situation.
  • We examine the typical programs offered in your industry to ensure you’re competitive in the talent market. In fact, we don’t believe you need to overspend to attract the right employees. You just need to be competitive or slightly better to have a hiring advantage.
  • Since we’re intermediaries working on your behalf through the process, we remain thoroughly objective in recommending the right providers, policies and plans that fit your unique needs.

Throughout CARE, we show you everything we considered, not just the recommendations. We explain how we arrived at our solutions. We educate you on the significance of these decisions because we want to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.

Apri offers CARE whether you’re seeking your first group benefits, insurance or pension plan, or if you’re looking for a second opinion to see if your current plan best suits your needs.

Even when plans are in place, the planning never ends. As your needs evolve, and as the carriers and providers we work with change their offerings, we keep the dialogue open. By continually working with you to review your strategy and options, we ensure that you have the optimal plan in place at all times.

Let us tell you more about our services and approach to planning for your Benefits, Insurance or Pension needs.