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It all begins with CARE

For Individuals

Your personal insurance needs are as unique as you are. In developing your plan, we talk with you to understand your family situation, whether you have dependents or special circumstances and what your personal financial goals may be.

CARE is a comprehensive process of discovery and delivery:

  • We meet with you to learn who you are, to thoroughly understand your particular situation.
  • We’ll make ourselves available to also meet with family members who may be impacted by these important household decisions. We’ll even talk to your financial advisors if you wish. It’s important to have a full picture of your situation before setting out the final plan.
  • We’re there if you’d like an objective review of your existing plans and coverages, both your personal plans and what your employer may offer to ensure they’re aligned and optimized – making sure you’re not overpaying or under-covered for your particular situation.
  • Since we’re intermediaries working on your behalf through the process, we remain thoroughly objective in recommending the right providers, policies and plans that fit your unique needs.

Throughout CARE, we show you everything we considered, not just the recommendations. We explain how we arrived at our solutions. We educate you on the significance of these decisions because we want to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.

Apri practices the CARE approach whether you’re seeking your first insurance policy or if you’re looking for a second opinion to see if your current plan best suits your needs.

Even when plans are in place, the planning never ends. As your needs evolve, and as the carriers and providers we work with change their offerings, we keep the dialogue open. By continually working with you to review your strategy and options, we ensure that you have the optimal plan in place at all times.

Let us tell you more about our services and approach to planning for your Benefits, Insurance or Pension needs.